ENTERHCAIN- About EnterChain

MOSCOW: +7 /495/ 787-71-77
SAINT-PETERSBURG: +7 /812/ 676-61-62
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EnterChain, a Russian company and part of OMEGALLIANCE® Group, specializes in the development of highly efficient supply chain management systems, giving companies unique and hard-to-copy competitive advantages. 

We implement the world best practices of supply chain management, and adapt well-proven in the West modern management concepts and techniques in the field of Supply Chain Management to the Russian and the CIS market conditions. We help executives focused on strategically significant business results turn their supply chains from an item of expenses into a source of competitive advantages. 

Enterchain is an exclusive representative of leading international companies, providing the best solutions in their field, in Russia and the CIS.


  • Supply chains strategy and development;
  • Optimization of functional areas and end-to-end processes;
  • IT implementation in supply chains;
  • Executives and specialists training.

The main goal of our services is to improve the main performance indicators of processes in the supply chain management system, namely: achievement of customer service target level with the lowest possible cost of final products/services through using high-performance management and IT technologies and applying the best international practices.


We help companies create perfect, high-performance supply chains that provide unique, hard-to-copy competitive advantages to our customers. We bring modern, proven management concepts and tools to the Russian market to minimize logistics expenses in the cost structure of the final product by optimizing management and processes.


  • Enterchain is a unique Russian company that specializes in the provision of services in the field of supply chain management systems optimization. The competence of the company has a narrow specialization, worked to the last detail;
  • Among our partners is Miebach, one of the few companies in the world that is engaged solely in the supply chains optimization. Miebach's experience lies in more than 40 years of successful work. None of Russian and CIS consulting companies has such experience;
  • We are not suppliers of logistics services — that is why our views are unbiased, our methods do not promote services and products of logistics market players;
  • We have many ways to transfer knowledge and skills — through on-site work, specialized workshops, as well as study materials on each topic;
  • Today, we are the only company that provides decades of accumulated Western experience in Supply Chain Management in Russia and the CIS and in the Russian language;
  • We do not copy Western practices identically, we adapt them to Russian and CIS conditions;
  • We have considerable practical experience founded on a solid theoretical basis.


The main EnterСhain's asset is a skilled team of consultants in the field of supply chains optimization. The company's specialists have long-term practical experience in implementing the best practices of Supply Chain Management at plants. Enterchain's specialists were trained at leading European corporations specializing in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art methods of supply chains management. 

To date, EnterСhain is the only Russian company specializing in implementation of methods of improving the supply chains efficiency, and employing a team of highly skilled consultants.