Corrugated board production and planning system successfully used at Arkhbum's plant in Istra

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SCM Engineering, one of the OMEGALLIANCE® Consulting Group companies, in July 2013, successfully commissioned a dedicated solution for corrugated cardboard production and planning management—OMP CSBS (Corrugated and Solid Board System) at OJSC Arkhbum's new plant. The customer gave SCM Engineering a task to implement a management system for the state-of-the-art production equipment by the launch of the new plant. The production site of OJSC Arkhbum in Istra was launched in 2013, and by that time the system for operational planning and management had been in place and ready for operation. The OMP solution was chosen as a well-proven system used at Arkhbum's site in Podolsk for more than 3 years. The system had proved its reliability , uninterrupted operation around the clock and usability for proper planning optimization. 

Having a many years' experience of using one of the best-in-class solutions for production planning management by OMP, the customer set the new project tasks in a clear and precise manner:

  • Provide a new, state-of-the-art production planning system for the new site which would ensure the following functions:
    • Planning and scheduling;
    • Cutting and operational production planning.
  • Automation of information flows at the production site;
    • Plan (task queue) visualization for line operators;
    • Collection of factual data on production progress;
    • Collection of detailed online production data and historical reports on the production process.
  • System usability.

In addition to deployment of OMP CSBS, SCM Engineering consultants together with their peers from OMP Partners conducted consulting works on modeling and building of business process structure for production planning and operational management given the site commissioning "from scratch" and personnel's unawareness of certain corrugated board production aspects. 

"Consulting was one of the key project phases and a solid ground not only for productive utilization of the IT solution but also for effective business processes from the very start of the production site operation," points out Sergey Smirnov, SCM Engineering's project manager. "We hope that advanced technologies and methods for planning will help Arkhbum gain competitive positions every day." 

"To automate production and planning at our plant we chose the system that had been successfully used at our site in Podolsk." comments Arkhbum's project manager. "Based on the previous deployment experience, we could use a modern approach and a new system from the very first equipment run at the commissioning. Our employees have got an easy-to-use tool that helps them acquire industrial skills, and the enterprise management has received a tool to create relevant reports for production monitoring and management."

The key specifics of the project included implementation of integrated management for the Ascor-Ducker conveyor system in accordance with the production plan from OMP CSBS, optimization of cutting on the BHS corrugated board machine (3 blades) and, as a result, much fewer offcuts and estimation of paper availability ,as well as online monitoring of all production processes.

After six months of commercial operation, the new solution has proved itself as an high performance system for production planning, and the business processes created in course of implementation correspond to the competitive environment and growing business needs of Arkhbum.