LLC Mondi Lebedyan improved production planning

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LLC Mondi Lebedyan improved production planning

In October 2016 LLC Mondi Lebedyan (earlier Beepack, now the part of Mondi Group) has successfully finished a project implementation of OMP CSBS, the system of planning and management for corrugated production. Enterchain (part of OMEGALLIANCE group) carried out the project.

Information on Mondi Lebedyan. The company has been producing corrugated packaging since 2002, and joined the Mondi Group, an international packaging and paper company, in October 2016. The plant produces a range of corrugated packaging trays and boxes for food and agricultural products including beverages, fruit and vegetables, poultry and dairy. Customers include national, multinational and international producers of food products.

«OMP Corrugated and Solid Board System» (OMP CSBS) is used in the leading branch companies (more than 250 companies all other the world, including Russia) including  ILIM-Gofra, Arkhbum, Smurfit Kappa Group, Stora Enso Packaging, Mondi Packaging, International Paper. The system is an integrated solution for production planning, corrugator cut optimization, measuring of actual data from the equipment. The system gives an opportunity to reduce order fulfillment time and a guarantee of real terms of orders.

Precondition for project launch became the necessity to have an effective tool for planning of production capacity loading, fixation of produced products, of duration of task fulfillment and equipment halt in the united information system.

In the project framework the goal was to implement the united special branch platform of the production for planning and management of production which helps:

  • To balance corrugator and processing lines capacities – to plan the balanced load of the equipment;

  • To use tools of mathematics optimization by planning and cut making;

  • To provide automatic calculation of workpieces quantity by processing;

  • To synchronize corrugator and processing line plans in accordance with the level of unfinished production;

  • To enlarge reaction speed in the conditions of actual information on production;

  • To provide on-line monitoring of equipment operation.

Andrey Bereznyak, the representative of Mondi Lebedyan, Head of planning, logistics and procurement, comments on the project: «As many successful companies 2014 Mondi Lebedyan faced the choice: to continue extensive development or to improve production by means of innovative system which would be able to enlarge the production efficiency and resource management and to find solutions for tasks which the company becomes from customers. Our specialists studied offers market and make a list of applicants. Enterchain was among them too. We estimated all “OMP Corrugated and Solid Board System” advantages and came to the conclusion that only this very programme would be able to meet all our objectives. That’s why Mondi Lebedyan made a contract for solution implementation in 2015. Since the system is on operation, it provided production visualization, as it registered precisely all what took place in lines – tasks launch, halts, workpiece quantity and so on. This current information became available for on-line viewing and analysis. As for planning options, we got the tool for comfortable and visually understandable cu making and task queue forming in line.  The optimization mechanisms of the system provided us with the best cut creation and task queue taking into account all limitations. Made cuts started to ship in the corrugator controller automatically. So the closed loop started to work (from creation of optimal fulfilled plan to registration of plan performance). Except production management processes improvement the system gave an opportunity to improve communication between logistic, production, marketing and sales services and provide the certain plan implementation during the whole supply chain.»

Sergey Smirnov, Enterchain project leader, says: «We managed to build the system in the “landscape” of existing systems and synchronize it with parallel implementation and development of adjacent systems. OMP was chosen after several selection levels and we are sure  our partners from Mondi Lebedyan have made the right decision as the system has already successfully used in many Russian and foreign plants. A high competence of our partners from Mondi gave us an opportunity to implement the project in the best way and to achieve our goals».